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Why does Muslim world and Chinese hate Pakistan and Pakistanis

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Source: Russia & India report
Pakistanis evoke highly negative emotions worldwide, including in Muslim majority countries, says a US survey. Not just the elites but the common Pakistani too is culpable in the country’s spectacular failure.

It has never been easy being a Pakistani. Pick a terrorist act committed anywhere in the world and chances are it has Pakistani fingerprints all over it. In many places, the word ‘Pakistani’ is a four-letter word.

So it must be a nasty kick in the guts for the Pakistanis to learn that their only allies, the Chinese, as well as the majority populations of several Muslim countries, including Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon, see them as a bunch of baddies.

A survey of 21 countries released on June 27, 2012 by the United States-based Pew Research Center suggests that Pakistan is not only a universally disliked country but the Pakistanis themselves have learnt nothing from their history, continuing to support the very actors who are responsible for their country’s negative image.

It is a measure of Pakistan’s penchant for exporting terrorists, counterfeit currency and drugs that India has constructed a 2043 km long steel fence across its border with its wayward western neighbour. The floodlit fence is so bright it can be seen from space as a bright orange line snaking from the Arabian Sea to Kashmir.

Now Iran is building a 700-km steel and concrete security fence along its border with Pakistan “to prevent border crossing by terrorists and drug traffickers”. When complete it will make Pakistan the most fenced-in country in the world.

In four of the five predominantly Muslim nations covered by the American survey, over half give Pakistan negative ratings. Jordan (57 percent), Lebanon (56 percent), Tunisia (54 percent) and Egypt (53 percent) had an unfavourable opinion of Pakistan. The only exception is Turkey, where attitudes are divided (43 percent negative and 37 percent favourable).

In East Asia, 52 percent of Chinese see Pakistan unfavourably, as do 59 percent in Japan and 59 percent in India. The Chinese response is not surprising as Pakistan-trained Uighur Muslims have launched terror strikes in China. Japan, a nation historically distrustful of foreigners, decided not to take chances and deported more than 15,000 Pakistanis after 9/11.

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70 Responses to Why does Muslim world and Chinese hate Pakistan and Pakistanis

  1. Anisa

    July 24, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    I am not surprised at all.I think the situation is worse then one can think. But { saawan k andhay ko heraa heraa hi ssojhta hai” The one blinded in rainy season feels green everywhere.
    Beacuse still if you ask any Pakistani, he /she will believe they are genius , pious and chosen one of Allah, momin,( beliver) Allah will soon show a miracle and world will regret for not recognising their value.
    It is said if you loose your wealth nothing is lost, loose your health , something is lost, But if you loose your dignity everything is lost.
    Ironically most of them are unaware of this fact.
    Alas! Most of them live in fools paradise.
    We as Ahmadies we are not happy at this. If anyone asks me, from the depth of my soul I love Pakistan, I crave for it. Want it to prosper eternally.
    Sadly it is like an innocent child that has been kidnapped by the Thugs for a ransom.I wish someone rescued it. How earnestly I wish some one would rescue it, liberate it from these blood suckers that are sitting on the highest offices, coiled like poisonous snakes.
    Whenever I read “cheen hamaara dost mulk hai” (china is our friend country)it makes me laugh. you are not friend within your country how can anyone be your friend? It is fake. Head to heel fake. The media , the government, the Muslims leaders all fake and actors. Eeb=veryone is after thier own worldly benefit. Even if they are praying or doing any wazeefah it will be for, rishtah( match making), health money or for asking Allah to punish someone.
    Toone totake, ja’ali peer (fake saints) extremely adulterated food, medicines etc. You name a vice and it is there to its fullest.
    Illiteracy “ghar ki baandi hai” is its households. As if it runs in the blood.
    It is so annoying to know other countries do additional precautions to save their motherland and people from these Thugs and countries like India and Iran has made thousands of feet fence to protect them from the baddies from Pakistan, but Pakistan could not protect its rivers that are the main source of its survival. But rather one of its patriotic son sold them to India. Who is to balme? well a Pakistani Answer is India!!!!… Because Pakistani are milk bathed angels.
    One more thing is the more they are aggressive for honour (ghairat) the more they are becoming un honoured ( bae-Ghairat).
    At time its fertile land produced teh scholars that teh world salutes till today. Muhammad Alai Jinah,Dr. Abdulssala,. Sir Zafarullah Khan. Ilama Iqbal etc. But now only criminals and fraudulent people the likes of Zradari, Geelani and co.
    Pakistanis should remember it is the National Assembly of Pakistan that declared Ahamdies Non Muslims. And now it is the same assembly that has sucked its blood and defamed destructively.
    So now NO I do not take pride in being called a Pakistani. But I wish “My Pakitsan” Qaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan is freed from the grip of these deomns.
    And may the people are granted senses to realize what they are heading for.
    May Allah have mercy on this kings of fools Nation . There is no other hope in sight.

  2. Khalid

    July 24, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    Very nicely balanced comment by sister Anisa.
    I am not a Pakistani. I don’t hate Pakistan. I was always been accused by my friends in my childhood for being non-patriotic and pro-Pakistan.But now gradually as I grow up my feelings are changed. May be I loved Pakistan in my earlier days because of my elder brother (who had embraced Ahmadiyyat in 1974), would read out Badar (Urdu weekly published from Markaz Qadian)and tell new Ahmadiyya news/stories to my mother almost each night after returning from his shop(he was a businessman)during taking his dinner. I would be listening his words…..Rabwah….Alfazal….Khalifa…at that time I had not accepted Ahmadiyyat….
    But perhaps my inclination of love for Pakistan was grooming due to echoes of the words like…Rabwah….Khalifa….Alfazal….Dr. Abdus Salam…..rasala Khalid…etc….etc….
    I accepted Ahmadiyyat in 1982. Since then things have changed.I heard stories of Ahmadiyya persecutions in Pakistan..I heard about Zia’s ordinance…I heard Hazrat Khalifatul Masih-IV migrating to London…Jalsa Salana stopped in Rabwah….azans stopped…ibadat khana replacing masjids….Ahmadis jailed for salam alaykum….emergence of Al-Qaida and Talibanism….Sipahe sahaba….lashkar-e-jhangwi…Jihad and fasad rampant…..Lahore carnage…..Ahmadi women and children not to attend Eid prayers for security threats….and so…and so…..shahadat ki rozana khabrein……Oh My Allah !!!

  3. Anisa

    July 24, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    Thank you brother Khalid.
    It reminds me in the early years of Pakistan Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih Saani replied to a question whether he will get any Government High official rank for the acknowledgement of hid hard works,that the persona of Khalifa will be like a talisman for Paksitan, as long as Khalifa lives here , it will be saved from every atrocity. It meant Khalifa did do not need Pakistan, in fact Pakistan needed the Blessings of a Khalifa.

    The words have proven absolute truth by the passage of time. If someone could take heed.

  4. Maqsood

    July 25, 2012 at 6:48 am

    Kujh te shehr de log vi zalam san
    Kujh sanoon maran da shauq vi si

  5. Muhammad Ayyub

    July 25, 2012 at 6:57 am

    This article makes me sadder than yesterday. Actually the text is an effort demonstrating the heart felt concern about Pakistan. Naturally the Overseas Pakistanis including many from Ahmadiyya faith are bit more concerned and hence get more worried but those living in the actual environments of Pakistan have different opinion. They go with rational thinking and not the imaginary one. No doubt that things and their effects are little thorny these days but are not totally that depressing as we read in this article. There is a great hope for a change as well; this aspect should not be ignored.
    I personally feel that the heading is somewhat more aggressive. Also the Drone picture with its caption is not the “Only Solution“. Had it been the only solution, the issue must have ended till now, as the intensity of Drone attacks had increased. Blaming Pakistan is much easy topic but making sacrifices for the security and peace of whole world is another thing. Just 3 thousand killed in 9/11 got millions killed in other Muslim countries. Over 40 thousand Pakistanis have been killed for the sake of world’s security. The solution is sitting on negotiation table of all concerned; Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, India, USA, China, Russia, turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE etc.
    First mind it that the Source is Russia & India Report and is supported by US Survey. The historic role of these 3 countries in international affairs in relation to Pakistan has never been commendable. The reasons are well known to policy makers and the intelligence agencies of all countries including Pakistan. Secondly we should not paint such pictures. Pakistan is not in that miserable situation. Things will change provided Elections on regular basis are held. A “Regional Solution” is the only peaceful option that can solve this overstretched problem and bring peace in the region, provided the big players also want it at the same time.

    Not that I am an Ahmadi, but as a true Pakistani, I urge that the consistent Persecution of Ahmadiyya Community must be stopped and the Khalifatul Masih should be living in Rabwah. This will be blessing not only for Pakistan but for whole of the region. We should be thankful to Brother Azimul Haque and Khalid, Sister Anisa bringing all this in our knowledge. Regular prayers for peace and prosperity in our motherland are needed.

  6. Rafiq A. Tschannen

    July 25, 2012 at 9:20 am

    There is no hope for Pakistan until those in-charge there realize that without Allah’s blessings they cannot regain any respect. And they have to realize that they lost Allah’s blessings with their anti-Ahmadiyya legislation in 1974 and further went down the drain in 1984. The only hope for Pakistan is to repeal these ordinances. And, yes, if the Khalifatul-Masih would return to the country then they could benefit from the blessings surrounding him.

  7. Fazal E Haq

    July 25, 2012 at 9:32 am

    The source of these reports is neither INDIA nor US

    fake peer makes 300 women pregnant


    Karachi fake Pir raped women & took nude pictures : A true story


    Riyaz admitting to rape 50+ women dead bodies in Tonight with Jasmeen Nov 10, 2011


    Lahore Police kidnapped & raped 6months14 years old Girl


    This is just a glimpse. Reality is far beyond Ayyub sb.

    Ayyub you are true in saying the situation is not much worse, coz killing dozens of men in Karachi by their own MOMEN muslim brothers is not as big issue as US and india portraying it

    According to the reports in last decade total death- toll in pakistan is far higher than in IRAQ and Afghanistan. But the potential is still there, we can go bit higher than this.

    What kind of aesthetic seance and spirituality we are expecting from a nation who is selling donkeys’ meat. Prices soar in Ramdhan in Pakistan, while on christmas there is sale with record low prices in all christan countries.

    Very good article Anisa

    One thing to add: We Ahmadis are also no milk bathed ‘ Hum Ahmadi bhee koee dodh say nahay howay naheen”

    The difference is only Khilafat, other wise we are Pakistani as well, we cant leave behind but the difference is only khalifat.

    Thanks to Allah for this

  8. Dr Abdul Bary Malik MBE

    July 25, 2012 at 9:48 am

    I fully agree with sister Anisa’s comments. Pakistan sadly lost its direction soon after the demise of Quid e Azam. The journey to disaster began in 1974 when the so called democratic Pakistani government started interfering with people’s faiths through an act of parliament.Another tragedy happened in 1984 when Hadhrat Khalifa Tul Massih was forced to migrate out of Pakistan by the Dictator. They have only earned the displeasure of Allah by introducing anti Islamic legislations and by promoting fanaticism in the country. Pakistan has shown no respect to it’s honest friends like China and has always adopted hypocratic policies.I am not surprised to read the report that people in most Islamic countries and China hate Pakistan. Pakistan has not done any positive thing to earn respect of any decent countries. Many decent people in Pakistan have same feelings but no courage to challenge corrupt extremist elements in the country.
    “Khuda ne Aaj tak us qaum ki halat naheen badli
    na ho jis ko khayal khood apni halat ke badalne ka”

  9. Issa Boakye

    July 25, 2012 at 11:07 am

    My sister, why are you surprise that humans hate Pakistan? ALLAH HIMSELF, by the conduct of their leadership, hatred and persecution of Ahmadis and the loud silence of the Pakistani people in the the of unfair treatment of Ahmadis, hates Pakistanis.
    You should rather be concerned about Allah’s wrath on that country because that is more devastating.
    They should mend their wicked ways and Allah will turn to them.

  10. S.Khan

    July 25, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    This article was completely biased and had no motive but to spread more hates and discrimination! I was not born in Pakistan and perhaps it is my liberal teaching of the west, but this was shoddy journalism that quoted unbalanced research. Yes Pakistan has a multitude of issues and if you ask me, the leadership deserves it, and now they have brainwashed the people into the same corrupt thinking. It is not getting better and will not until they let up the hate against Ahmadiyyat (anyone recall what Hadhrat Masih e Maud has said about Afghanistan?). But I will not rant about how much I hate to non-Pakistanis. Honestly, because it brings up feelings such as those brought up in the article. Anyone also notice that the comments on the article had been disabled and only those were posted that agreed with him? I refuse to support any kind of a hate filled rant disguised in some kind of an article. As a human being first, and a person of Pakistani decent second, this article disgusts me to the core. The fact that people think that this kind of rhetoric is ok, is why so many countries are in the state of despair that they are, and we have the hatred in the world that we do. And yes, as Ahmadi’s we may be bitter, but let us abide by our slogan of “love for all, hatred for none” reside above this hatred and fear mongering.

  11. Anisa

    July 25, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    Thank you for encouraging comments.
    “One thing to add: We Ahmadis are also no milk bathed Hum Ahmadi bhee koee dodh say nahay howay naheen”.

    Very right mostly human are not. As human are bound to commit mistakes and follies. But Ahmadies besides being under the protection of the canopy of Khilafat have few other very important exception, they can never be as per their faith terrorists, They can never be a threat to any other religion. As they are form their child hood taught to be tolerant for religious diversity. These exceptions make them stand on a higher status to others.
    But off course as a human they are vulnerable to other human weaknesses. There is no question to it.

  12. Anisa

    July 25, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    Brother S Khan said,
    “I refuse to support any kind of a hate filled rant disguised in some kind of an article. As a human being first, and a person of Pakistani decent second, this article disgusts me to the core. The fact that people think that this kind of rhetoric is ok, is why so many countries are in the state of despair that they are, and we have the hatred in the world that we do. And yes, as Ahmadi’s we may be bitter, but let us abide by our slogan of “love for all, hatred for none” reside above this hatred and fear mongering.”

    I salute you for this. You are very loving and tolerant. God Bless you. Even after receiving so many pains this immense patriotic statement is marvellous. It is commendable. A true Ahmadi soul.

    But I do know when living here abroad while answering the question where are you from. When we say “Pakistan” the look at the other person’s face is always very miserable. That makes you feel something stuck in your throat.
    In the beginning ten years back at such situation, I would say, not every German is a Hitler. But very sadly I regret to say now the level of moral values ,economic, terrorism, corruptio and other aspects have almost leaked empty the bucket in Pakistan.
    This survey and its source maybe questionable, it is possible its intention and source may not be untrustworthy. What I have written is not based on this source but my own strong observation and experience.
    Sorry truth is always bitter. So is it for me.
    That is why we being Ahmadi pray earnestly that may Allah have mercy on this Nation.Amen
    Sorry if it hurts you or anyone again. My apology and sympathies.

  13. Hassan Khan

    July 30, 2012 at 7:25 am

    I left Pakistan 33 years ago due their overall attitude about every aspect of life. Corruption on mass scale’humanrights violations’ looting of national wealth on every level. Still I have friends there and they say that the situation is worse. Nothing can be done without bribing. Layers are beating judges students are thrashing the teachers. Religious thugs have freedom to execute minority people without fear and some crazy mullas in publicmeetings are telling their followers to kill Ahmadi and he has kill many and still free and admitting. Police standing right there and acting dum and deaf. That country is on its way to complete destruction. If anybody is defending their actions he is blind living in a box.

  14. Tahira

    July 30, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    Good discussion going on here.

    I’ve turned my embarrassment and dislike for Pakistan into a positive. When people usually ask me where are you from. I would say Pakistan er.. the country that’s always on the news for all the wrong reasons and then give my two cent and say there’s no place for terrorism in Islam and so forth. Indirectly do tabligh.

    The way I see it the only way Pakistan can be saved is if a cruel dictator comes and instead of putting all the corrupt people in jail rounds them up the and kills them and sets an example for the rest of the people. It sounds evil but hey this is how China got rid of their corruption problem, I don’t remember the name of the leader who did this but I remember he even executed his son to set an example.

    Hudhur(aba)has continuously reminded us to pray for Pakistan- so only prayers can save PK. After all it was the prayers of Hazrart Khalifatul Masi (II) that Pakistan was created. PK can only be saved when Ahmadis come and take it over!

  15. Anisa

    August 3, 2012 at 10:19 am

    The only way of Pakistan’s survival is that they should stop worrying for other’s conduct and correct their own. ” apni aankh kaa shehteer dekhiN, dooseray ki aankh k tinkay ki fikr choR deiN.”
    Everything will be sorted within no time at all.

  16. MNA KHAN

    August 4, 2012 at 6:30 am

    Whenever and wherever religion is politicized that country is put into fundamentalism that further produces Terrorism.
    The Founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a liberal Muslim Leader.Most of the problems Pakistan facing are due to sidetracking of Pakistan from the vision of his founder.
    1-Quaid-E-Azam was totally against the theocracy (Mullahism),after his death slowly and gradually the theocratic mentality dominating the policies of Pakistan.It put Pakistan into the hell of Fundamentalism and Terrorism.In this way an isolation fro all the world became the fate of our beloved motherland.
    2- Quaid-E-Azam wants to make Pakistan a democratic peace loving country, having good relation with all the world especially with neighboring countries, as once He said,” We will want to keep indo-Pak relation as Canada and USA have.” So Quaid-E-Azam vision was to make Pakistan a country like Canada.
    3-Coruption :-To eliminate the corruption you have to privatize and De-regularized your system and to strengthen Local government system or commune system with the help of computerized technology so that every body can see every deal or development work and can check all the calculations and data available on computers and websites.I mean all the systems should be clear and transparent.Audit system should be made strict.No manual work all should be made computerized and audited regularly.Declaration of Assets of all the political leaders and official should be taken regularly.

  17. Mohamad Danish

    August 4, 2012 at 11:36 am

    If Pakistanis themself don’t like there own country,than what you expect from Arabs or chinies.In the past there was war between Pakistan and India but now the the war is between Pakistanies themself,no need for India to do anything.We will see Pakistan in next five or ten years.

  18. Anisa

    August 7, 2012 at 10:34 am

    Civil war is like a cancer for any nation.
    At times Gen Ziaul Haq (if darkness could be called “Zia” the light )said Ahamdies or Qadiyanies are like a cancer to Pakistan, I will make my country Cancer free.
    Everyone can see who actually proved to be a cancer for Pakistan. It was he himself who gave a cancer to Pakistan.
    He allowed Afghan refugees without any restriction into the country. I am not against the helping of Afghan Muslim brother and sisters. It was a good act though but it should have been monitored in appropriate manners.
    They should have been restricted of their free movement around the country. (Taking advantage of this free entry, many terrorists from the neighbouring countries too came in).
    But the mean government at the time took world aid to make these refugees settled. But seldom spend it honestly. They were mostly left on their own to survive.
    These so called Muslims refugees brought with them the cursed culture of heroin, hashish Kalashnikov and yet religious extremism to its worst.
    That acted as a cancer for this nation. Ruined its youth and peace. Shattered its economy. Robbed the nation’s moral values.Dishonest always has devastating results.

  19. Rafiq A. Tschannen

    August 7, 2012 at 10:38 am

    mmmm … I to not think we can blame the Afghans for all of Pakistan’s ills…

  20. Anisa

    August 7, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Not all ills.. I may correct. It is one aspect.
    We Pakistani civilians never knew what Kalashnikov was. Until they came into the scene.
    I am sorry if it hurts anyone. I too have very close and dear Afghani relatives and friends. We know all Germans are not Hitler.
    In fact there are many many reasons for the downfall of this country. The main being their pains giving to the followers of the Imam of the time.
    Here I remeber Hadhrat Khaliftul Masih the fourth once in his sermons explained his vision about a clock ticking, and a light flickering with it and someone saying “Friday the tenth”.
    He interpreted the flickering of light with the ticking of clock ( as my memory recalls) as all sorts of threats to Pakistan’s security. From within the country and from out side.

  21. Ming Zhao

    August 11, 2012 at 2:08 am

    Only the fiercely and dangerously nationalistic and militant Chinese love Pakistan.

    I am Chinese, and I’ve always thought of Pakistan as a rogue nation. The only reason China is technically “allies” with Pakistan is that if China cuts off Pakistan, its only other true ally would be North Korea.

  22. Anisa

    August 13, 2012 at 8:02 am

    At times when Pakistan had some reasonable strategies had some respect in the world, had resources that were not sold, had leaders that were not sold, had rivers that were not sold, had some moral image as a country, had not regional or lingual discrimination within, had losses and benefits of its own. I could believe that it could be allied to any country or China. But when it is not a friend of it’s own how can it befriend other’s??????????
    It is in absolute chaos. Its leaders confirmed robbers. They are looting its resources, day and night with hands and feet.
    From president to a third garde clerk has only one agenda. To become milionair overnight. Them perform Hajj and become sinless. A short cut to worldly treasures and Paradise.
    Todays “Monims” are so smart.

  23. Anisa

    August 13, 2012 at 9:10 am

    I am not against my beloved home land Pakistan. I am against the system and Pakistanis that have ruined it to the core and still stand in the line of its well wishers.

    And to the individuals that have caused this bitterness in my tongue I would say,

    Mairay mizaaj kaa is maiN koee qasuur nahiN
    Tairay salook ne lehjaa badal diaa meraa

    Do not blame me for my bitter words, it is the reflection of your actions.

  24. Muhammad Zafrullah

    August 25, 2012 at 3:16 am

    I, Muhammad Zafrullah, am of Pakistani origin. If you think that is a good reason to hate me, knock yourselves out.
    I do not condone what is happening in Pakistan, especially to my community the Ahmadiyya Community in Islam and others of unpopular faiths. But that is a phase. When Pakistanis realize that unjustly killing for the Religion of Peace, or for any reason, is wrong the country would stabilize. (sorry, some part of the comment cut by Chief editor)

  25. Abhishek

    October 13, 2012 at 5:34 am

    With education and bit less emphasis on being “True Muslims”, and more emphasis on being “True Human” will improve Pakistan’s image.

  26. Dr Khurram nizami

    October 13, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    Few points are to b noted, What is the image of usa in general population of any country? secondly, india has constructed wall which is not yet completed to cover kashmir issue which is not yet resolved by UN resolutions , WHY? Thirdly iran is also workin on gas pipeline project wid pakistan.Fouthly its false propaganda as jordan ,tunisia,lebanon are passing through war like situations so no true survey can b done.
    kindly survey once about d views of general population of any country on WHICH IS D MOST NEGATIVELY RATED NATION REGARDING DRONES ATTACKS, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION ND AFGAHN WAR.
    Pakistan ahs not only givenlife to pakistanis but to large no of afghans,iranis,bengalis etc its pakistan who can survive wid so many issues,pakistan wants peace in world but not at cost of respect nd honour of thirld world countries..LONG LIVE PAKISTAN

  27. نعیم احمد سرمد

    October 14, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    Pakistanis the official *Muslims! PLEASE DO NOT HURT THEM WITH PAINFUL FACTS

  28. khurram Sajjad

    October 17, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    I have read the whole article and read that survey as well. I am born Pakistani and been overseas since I was 25. I tell you whatever this survey says each n every word is true. Even me myself when someone ask me “where r u from originall” just to avoid that a discussion I say south east india. I dont know may be i should tell them but I know the next question comes up “Ah…. Its not going really good there” and from there a discussion start which end at the point ” I regret to be a Pakistani”. But one very good thing in the survey is it says “Pakistanis never learn from their pasr” absolutely true.
    Here I would like to mention a couple of weeks ago protests going on all around the world for that blasphemy video released by some idiot against my Master and Greatest of all human beings Prophet Mohammad SAW. It was a condemable act and should be condemned in every possible way. What happen in Pakistan protest, everyone knows it. But I would like to ask a question here to all Pakistanis and Muslim Umah. Is Jesus Christ not repectable to you. Muslims have been waiting for Jesus Christ to come brake the Holy Cross and spread Islam in entire world. Why didnt they protest back in mid 90’s when hollywood was making movies on Propher Jesus Christ. To me those movies were also blasphemy and was the first step towards disrespecting the Leaders who actually taught human beings to be human. If they would have stepped up at that time and had told the world that we are muslims and our Master has told us that you have to respect all the Prophets before me. These movies had hurt us ans we will not tolerate this. Then on current ocassion the whole world would have been standing behind them. Alas! Alas! We have never learnt.
    Now coming back to Pakistan dear readers trust me the worst thing is that Pakistan has ruined its generations to come. I was watching a program on one of the local channels in which the former President Gen. Perviz Musharaf was invited to answer the question of youth. I swear I have not seen a youth that ill in my life. They student from different universities, the way they were talking to Mr. President was absolutely shamefull. I thank my God that I have started my professional carier in europe otherwise I would have been the part of the same crowd that has no respect, not for religion, not for country, not for humanity not for world, even not for themselves. I will say “Pakistan ka khuda hi hafiz”

  29. Muhammad Zafrullah

    October 21, 2012 at 6:16 am

    I went to China some time ago and I did not find the kind of hatred mentioned in this article. I actually wrote an article about my visit there. If anyone is interested here’s the link:
    As I say in my article, this was not the first country where I was invited to visit to give talks and/or do research with folks there. But I can tell you I only found beautiful and kind people wherever I went.
    This brings me to the point I tried to make before, somewhere: Before getting all so unhappy about Pakistan’s problems please check who is writing about them. If the criticism is coming from some sworn enemies then take it with a pinch of salt.

  30. نعیم احمد

    October 21, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    @Muhammad Zafarullah!
    You just express your individual experience and the response you receive is general every visitor gets the same cordial treat from Chinese people. Ming Zhou is 100% correct. Very unfortunately Pakistan due its consistent unwise, ill-planned, unjust and drifted foreign policies and extremely unstable political, social and economical plights has been losing its friends.

  31. Muhammad Zafrullah

    October 22, 2012 at 1:49 am

    @نعیم احمد
    Thank you for setting me straight. I am just an individual, though individuals make a collective. If the collective, that is us, makes a resolve to approach something that is on offer dispassionately, and without prejudice, we would not be quarreling with each other.
    I would not comment on your comments about my individual experiences as I think you have every right to your opinion. I do hope though that it was your considered opinion that you formed after reading my article. But we are commenting on an article that alleges that Pakistanis are hated everywhere. So let’s check the article out, I trust that you have read it too.
    Let us look at the source of the article. It is Russia & India report. The author of the article is Rakesh Krishnan Simha. It is no secret that India is doing all that is in its power to prove that making Pakistan was a bad idea and the author is a Hindu.
    Some time ago, I very actively took part in newsgroup discussions and I spent most of my time arguing with Hindus who bad-mouthed Islam, the holy Prophet and Pakistan. Those days the favorite slogan of Hindus was: Give peace a chance bomb Pakistan. So call it prejudice on my part or call it my individual experience I do not give much credibility to a Hindu writing about Islam or Pakistan.
    The author talks about polls and I consider polls a tool of deception in the hands of a propagandist. The outcome of the polls very much depends upon the sample of population you select and on the language of the questions that you design. If it was a poll carried out by a US agency, it must be to pressure Pakistan to comply with the US demands.
    Now let’s take a look at how do the Pakistanis fare in the Arab world. They do very well, a majority doing menial and lower technical jobs and some doing higher technical jobs and business. Not many are in education, but that is no fault of the Arabs. Oh yes the Arab hatred of Pakistan and Pakistanis is so high that their militaries recruit Pakistani ex-Servicemen for training and other essential duties. One reason for hating is lack of trust.
    About China I do not know much, if some Chinese hate Pakistanis they must have a reason but I do not recall having evoked any negative emotions. In the Christian world too wherever I went, Britain, France, Italy, US and Canada; being a Pakistani never hurt me though having the name Muhammad has often caused problems.(But hey I have no intention of changing my name or considering it bad.) If I am ever hurt for being a Pakistani it was either by an Indian or by a Pakistani.
    Oh yeah Ming Zhou has every right to own an opinion and you have every right to consider this person 100% right.

  32. Muhammad Zafrullah

    October 22, 2012 at 3:16 am

    Oh and I see at the start of the article a picture of a drone that has just fired two missiles. The caption is interesting too. It says:
    The only solution
    What interests me is that I did not find this picture in the original article! Now compare the picture with the Hindu chant: Give peace a chance bomb Pakistan! ,

  33. shariff umbra shariff ahmad

    November 28, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    Say whatever you want to say, I still love and respect Pakistan…because Huzor the Khalifa a.t.b.a is a Pakistani. :)

  34. narayan

    December 26, 2012 at 9:19 am

    Persons of Indian origin should not find satisfaction with the internal plight of Pakistan. Most of them are Hindu converts (for example Jinnah), so love them or hate them they are still kith and kin.

  35. sindhe

    January 6, 2013 at 7:48 am

    hi all
    just few lines for all of u
    April 1946 interview with Maulana Abul Kalam Azad –
    the man who knew the future
    By Shorish Kashmiri,
    I feel that right from its inception, Pakistan will face
    some very serious problems:
    1. The incompetent political leadership will pave the
    way for military dictatorship as it has happened in
    many Muslim countries.
    2. The heavy burden of foreign debt.
    3. Absence of friendly relationship with neighbours
    and the possibility of armed conflict.
    4. Internal unrest and regional conflicts.
    5. The loot of national wealth by the neo-rich and
    industrialists of Pakistan.
    6. The apprehension of class war as a result of
    exploitation by the neo-rich.
    7. The dissatisfaction and alienation of the youth from
    religion and the collapse of the theory of Pakistan.
    >>8. The conspiracies of the international powers to
    control Pakistan.
    In this situation, the stability of Pakistan will be under
    strain and the Muslim countries will be in no position
    to provide any worthwhile help. The assistance from
    other sources will not come without strings and it will
    force both ideological and territorial compromises

  36. sindhe

    January 6, 2013 at 7:52 am

    hi narayanan
    I totally agree with u…

  37. Raj

    June 23, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    On a positive note, even after 4 wars and countess number of terrorist attacks, 41% Indians still don’t consider Pakistan unfavorable.
    India is not so better than Pakistan in Human development Index but for the last decade or so, the average Indian have decided in country building and have moved forward, the result for which is there to be seen. We understand our issues and try to sort them out for the common good.

    As for Pakistan, the issue been India-centric decision making and hatred for a long time. The average Indian do have a trust issue with Pakistan, simply cos we always bad experiences whenever we try to bring in peace. But if at all there is any hatred, its only at the time of a terrorist attack and we still try to talk peace once we get over it.

    The Pakistani decision makers need to understand, there are issues which needs to be fixed within your country and that needs to be the first priority. (Same as what the Indians are doing) If there is a need for external aid, the only country which would be more than happy to help you without anything expecting back, is not China or US but India. Even the right wing so called Hindu party would’t have a problem with that.

    Another thing is, there are some expatriate Pakistani’s who said they were not proud about their origin. I think that has to change, however bad your motherland is, you should always stand by it and try your best to help her out. After all there is a reason for calling our country ‘mother’land.

    Hoping to see a peaceful Pakistan who is friendly with India. :)

    (A fella Indian)

  38. Abdul Alim

    June 23, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    Dear Mr. Raj: What an excellent and balanced comment from an Indian friend. Entirely agree with you. I am always surprised to see how Indians and Pakistanis are close friends once they are out of the sub continent. I think establishment on both sides has its own agenda to perpetuate militant conflict while people are just tired of it and want to move on. Let us just hope relations can mend.

  39. Rahul

    June 28, 2013 at 10:57 pm

    Abdul Alim you are sadly mistaken ask any Indian and the first response you would get is “get rid of the satan pakistan” .If you want me to get personal my Uncle was gunned down by kasab and my father suffered injuries in 2008 Mumbai shootout .My family still hasn’t recovered from his loss and the sad part is no paki has openly condemned that large scale violence and you people still want India to have healthy relations with you heartless thugs.

  40. Abdul Alim

    June 29, 2013 at 4:31 am

    Rahul- what you write reflects heartlessness not me. I write with hope, love and sincerety. You can continue what you want to continue. I will do what I can and we will see who wins. I can also say that I do not want to engage with an nation of rapists (remember all the headlines about Delhi being the rape capital of the world). I dont think that represents India just as Kasab does not represent Pakistan (I refuse to engage with you if you keep indulging in slurs like “pakis”). Please be at least decent if you cannot be intelligent and forgiving if you want a constructive dialogue. We have lost 100s of our Pakistani Ahmadiyya community members to the same people as Kasab. We stand and dare them. How many of us can they kill and maim. We keep increasing everyday and we firmly believe that hate will loose and destroy itself. Love for all – Hatred for none. take care

  41. Rahul

    July 6, 2013 at 1:11 am

    Abdul Alim I am not engaging in a commenting competition here.Let me reiterate that my comment only stated that not a single pakistani condemned that cowardly terrorist act.I love muslims as much as i love people of my faith..If my comment has hurt anyone’s feelings then i sincerely apologise.Take care and may god bless you.

  42. Abu Shayan

    July 14, 2013 at 8:19 am

    This all is Black propeganda against Pakistan, All muslim world has great respect for Pakistan and Chinesse also love Pakistan. The Hindus and Afghonies are the only dangerous enemies of Pakistan. American CIA is the one who supporting afghonistan for destabilising Pakistan as they know Pakistan is the power of the muslim world. Unlimited jealousy of endia and afghonistan tend towards black propeganda against Pakistan. Pakistan is a power and will remain power In Sha Allah. China was our brother and will remain brother always. Turkey, Saudia Arabia, UAE every muslim country along with many non muslim countries have brotherly relations with Pakistan but there is only one so called muslim country afghonistan which have some problem and they feeling fear from us. They are feeling jealousy because they dont want to see Pakistan as a super power of the muslim world. They dont want to see Pakistan much more progressive then afghonistan. Thats why they helping CIA and RAW for making such kind of Black progeganda against Pakistan. God knows better the strenght of Pakistan, Allah O Akbar is sufficient for bastered like that.

    The time is very near when there will be end of endia and that will be divided in many countries and afghonistan will be divided into 3 parts also.

    Such kind of Black Propeganda againsta Pakistan is also giving us stength to be one nation and unite us against aur enemies.

  43. Asif Nurie

    July 29, 2013 at 4:48 am

    The name Pakistan was selected with great expectations which were belied by the present state of affairs. Large numbers of Muslims stayed back in India in 1947, again belying the expectation that all Muslims would immigrate to Pakistan. Today the Muslims of India live a very democratic and fearless life and have prospered . Religious freedom and lack of persecution are the hallmarks. Some of us actually came to India from Pakistan – among them my family in 1949. I believe that was a correct decision our elders took. We Muslims look forward to a day when the far sighted Muslims in Pakistan will realize our common backgrounds matter and maybe – one day both countries will be united. Wishful thinking some will say ? Perhaps not. Time will tell.

  44. Muhammad

    July 30, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Being a Pakistani, I believe that some of this is partially true. A great reason for all the hatred Pakistan has towards it right now, is because of its poor leadership. The corrupt politicians that promised the poor and innocent improvements, never gave it to them. When people are unfortunate and poor, they can only do so much by themselves. There’s always that great hand that helps you move forward, which should be our politicians, but unfortunately not. I still believe Pakistan can see improvement if we get better leadership.

  45. amRulz

    August 2, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    While I agree with the fact that Pakistan oppresses it’s minority groups, and has many internal issues, I find this article to be extremely biased, particularly because its written from an Indian perspective. Does not provide any solid ground as to why some may dislike Pakistanis, rather it is to show Indians as the better ones. I challenge its source and its statistics, before going onto dissing and agreeing with this article.

  46. amRulz

    August 2, 2013 at 3:10 pm

    Also, India or the neighboring countries are not the ones being droned that they would have a problem with US.

  47. Mohit

    August 3, 2013 at 6:25 am

    An ahmadi friend of mine told me that the town of rabwah(now chenab nagar) near lahore was once a dusty semi arid area but ahmadis have converted that patch of land to a thriving township similar to any gated community.On his recommendation i saw a video of Masroor Ahmed Khan who repeatedly in his lectures has emphasised on the virtues of hard work,discipline, education and love for people of other faiths.This is the reason that ahmadis have succeeded in all walks of life like business, agriculture and science(Prof. abdus salam).I feel pakistan should reconsider its stand on stamping ahmadis as non muslims.

  48. Pantu

    August 4, 2013 at 11:03 am

    Pakistanis are truly the devil’s ppl. Look at all these self-congratulatory Ahmadiyya’s above, trying to constantly push their [ultimately] non-Islamic agenda on the rest of the true believers. …

    It’s true whichever way you look at it, everybody… the whole world… hates Pakistanis. Their lies, corruption, bad behaviour, child grooming & baacha baazi, terrorism, criminal activity [especially using the Afghan “Golden Crescent” marijuana trade routes], general ugliness and foul smell etc. etc. etc.

    Truth is, Pakistanis are and always were a garbage ppl.

  49. Mr Kafir

    August 5, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    Well the Chinese do not like Pakistani’s because they jump in and out of bed with America when it suits them.
    And the Muslim world does not like Pakistanis because frankly Pakistanis are not ‘real’ Muslims if you were to examine their origins.

  50. Rahul

    August 8, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    Dignity is like time once lost can never be gained back and i guess most pakistanis live in fools kingdom where most believe that one fine day god will come to save them from the drudgery of daily life and the world would soon recognize their importance.Which country has not faced trouble Japan suffered a lot in the world war,Korea was obliterated in the Korean war so was Europe.India and China may not be developed nations but have a large and thriving middle class and its all because we have decided to take ownership of our life even the poor are aggressively educating their children. Peole have gone to the moon(Mars isn’t far away),scientific research is taking place at an alarming rate but muslims and pakistanis continue to live in the stone age hoping god will come to save them eventually.Sigh!!!!

  51. Rahul

    August 10, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    All that pakistan does is stand in front of other nations with a begging bowl.If pakis start acting more responsibly and start owning up for their actions instead of acting like victims(highly unlikely) then the world would be a much better place.

  52. Haifeng Kiang

    August 14, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    pakistan is beyond redemption, if they focus on economic development and less on sending more terrorists to heaven then we may see a positive change.I am a Chinese and these pakistani students who come to my country are a real nuisance,many get caught on charges of drug dealing they pass lewd comments on Chinese women and one cannot hear any topic from their mouth other than religion or politics

  53. Ibrahim Sheikh

    September 21, 2013 at 10:44 am

    Very interesting debate !
    I am a proud, hard working and honest Pakistani. I love my country, like any other patriotic to his own country, any where on this earth.
    Sometimes I feel very disturb whenever I read in news or see on channels that in US tens of innocent people including children and women are killed mercilesly in schools or in their malls or in their Navy Yards. The first comment we observe from US authorities is always that most probabbly this is not an act of terrorism. Just because they could not find any Pakistani hand in this killing, so they say, lets consider it an indvisual act and not terrorism.
    Albeit, if a Pakistani or Afghani or Arab could be found to get him or her involved even if he or she (like Afia Sidique)is accused to point a gun towards US soldier is an act of extreme terrorism and should be punished with maximum and full force.
    People like many of them who participated in this debate are convinced that 9/11 has happened the way we are told, by the same US authotities.
    As our Chinese neibghours are concered I have myself very bitter experince with them, in my opinion may be all Chinese are not so corrupt and dishonest, but naturally in future I will never trust a Chinese, due to my own experince.
    So, Mr. Heifeng Kiang as in my opinion all Chinese may not be corrupt, dishonest and liars, all Pakistanis are also not baddies.
    Finally, Allah never allowed any body to stop or destroy others to practice their religions or beliefs, instead Allah has stopped us the Muslims not to criticize non belivers lest they would use bad words for Allah. Only with logical arguments we are supposed to convey His message to non belivers.

  54. Haifeng Kiang

    September 28, 2013 at 2:36 am

    Ibrahim Sheikh another internet paki troll living in denial. Maybe if you introspect closely instead of running over me you would notice that the whole world hates pakistan for exporting terrorists. How did you come to the conclusion that Chinese are liars and corrupt,pakistan top the charts in being the most corrupt and lawless nation on earth so you don’t have the right to lecture me on this subject.You just mentioned Aafia Siddiqui,that same jihadi TERRORIST who threatened to kill a patriotic US soldier in the US,not that i approve of the mass scale gun violence in the US but none of those criminals attach religion to their evil deeds unlike muslims. FYI Iam not a racist but iam proud of my race.

  55. Hosho

    October 21, 2013 at 10:45 am

    Hello. One can feel sorry about this blog not more than that. It seems the blogger is very ignorant of world politics and economic potential and excellent human resources of Pakistan. A vibrant country, competitive human resources, excellent doctors, engineers and IT experts from Pakistan contributing American economy. World just salute them. The problem now there is terrorism and every one know hoe it emerged flourished and turned into war on terror. Before that no issue of terrorism. It is like any developing country take from East to West. The different thing is its Nuclear Power. A great proud for Pakistan. It means they can do anything as others do in world. Good luck to bloggers to rely on such unauthentic and non academic blogs.

  56. rajeev roy

    June 5, 2014 at 2:23 am

    Who is that red topi guy on pakistani news channels?? I’ve watched his videos on youtube and I feel very sad that the pakistani news channels are entertaining such losers…. The only thing he does is spread wrong news about India and tries to spread fear of India among our pakistani brothers and sisters….

  57. Waziristan one

    June 11, 2014 at 3:59 am

    In Afghanistan and India it’s commonly called ,,,

  58. Rafiq A. Tschannen

    June 11, 2014 at 4:51 am

    sorry, Waziristan one … your comment does not meet our standards …

  59. papa

    June 29, 2014 at 10:22 am

    Because they are backward in terms of the world.
    Nothing wrong with having your roots in tradition and heritage but you seriously need to wake up and move with the world before you become extinct

  60. R kapoor

    July 6, 2014 at 8:17 am

    Dear Pakis,
    in NY(where i am staying), paki mates dont reveal their identity, Coz nobody wont talk to them, they introduce themselves Indian muslims, Paki is a swear word here.
    They think pak is bagger n rogue nation.
    Paki ppl are good and very warm hearted, until Islam comes into debate.
    God save Pak.

  61. Edwin

    July 28, 2014 at 4:00 am

    Dear Friends, my veiw on Islam countries. This is not to offend anyone but it is a fact just for your thoughts:

    1.Every Muslim country hates or fights the other Muslim country or with their own people.
    2.Every Muslim country is either failed or rogue state and you have an unrest except in Turkey(turkey, may be because of European influence)
    3.And all Muslim country hates Pakistan but they want Pak’s Nuclear weapons
    4.Muslim country hate Pak because, Pak is more corrupt and unwise than any other Muslim country.
    5.Islam fighters kill each other in the name of Alla
    6.Thousands of Gaza people die yet Hamas fires useless rockets to Israel. So wise Muslim/Hamas people are.
    7. Israel, such a tiny country and so mighty the its neighbors are , Yet Israel rules and dominates- God of Jews is a real God ?
    8.In my hometown in South India , almost every second crime is committed by Muslims, even though they form a minority population, and negligible crimes by Christians.
    9.Muslims call America a Biggest terrorist, but they forget that the Muslim countries only offer America a military base to carryout strikes or wage war against another Muz country. (Saudhi, Quatar )
    Now who is a biggest Terrorist county ? Saudi ?
    10.In my opinion the whole world hates Islamic countries and Pakistan in particular, the reason is simple, the Islam is nothing but violence.And synonym for Pak is Terrorism.
    11.In my place , Christians are minority, yet Hindus and Muslims like us, at the same time people dislike Muslims
    12.All the Christian countries are strong and Powerful, like America , UK , Europe etc. and they rule the world , and the economy of the world depends including china’s on these countries-
    So that means Christian God is the real God ? Just think over it.
    13.Now, Most of you deny the above, especially people of Pakistan, coz you live in deniel.

  62. Edwin

    July 28, 2014 at 4:01 am

    Hence, I call you all my brothers and sisters, embrace Christ as your savior, not as a prophet, He is the only Way , Truth and the Life. Then only you will have peace and World will also love you. Most importantly the violence will END.

  63. Rafiq A. Tschannen

    July 28, 2014 at 4:43 am

    At the time Prophet Issa (Jesus) came he was ‘the only way’. But that was 2000 years ago. In the meantime it has pleased Allah, the creator of us all, to send another Prophet, Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) with the final book, the Qur’an. Therefore we now need to study this final message. And Allah keeps guiding us up to the present time with the appointed Khalifa, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Head of the world-wide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Please visit http://www.alislam.org for more details (and keep reading The Muslim Times).

  64. Edwin

    July 29, 2014 at 10:09 pm

    Dear Mr. Rafiq, can you please answer my questions

    Q1. Why Humans die? not even a single human survived except 2 prophets, and the Son of God, Jesus(Isa)
    Q2. Why every human suffer from one or other kind of dieses or problems
    Q3. Why in almost every Muslim countries, there is violence and atrocities against civilians.

    I do have many questions, first lets us sort it off the above.

  65. Zia Shah

    July 30, 2014 at 1:48 am

  66. Ghulam Sarwar

    July 30, 2014 at 10:49 am

    I find the July 30, 2013 post of Muhammad as a true state of affairs. Indians were careful, had good leadership and progressed. But they did not do well for Pakistan, always impeded and disturbed the progress of Pakistan. That is why, Pakistani do not like Indians.
    India is a bigger country (Big Brother) could have helped Pakistan. But it tried to snatch everything from the very beginning… India also has a problem of religious bigotry but under control.
    The progress in western countries is all due to the church leaving the field open to the people and church not interfering in any government matters. Previously church was punishing the scientists….
    It is true for India, USA, England or Pakistan. As long as the religious clergy interferes in the matters of law in the country, there will be chaos and unrest, discomfort and backwardness… That is the case applicable only to Pakistan now, even Bangladeshi have got rid of the religious bigots…
    It is for the Pakistan government to start a serious program to get rid of Mulla activity in Pakistan. Progress will follow suit. A bold step is needed now.
    The desire of the maulvis to enact the Sharia law in Pakistan is wrong and there is no need of any Sharia court. Every Pakistani should try to impose the Sharia law upon himself first and practice it. When majority will be living according to the laws of Sharia then Shariah laws can be enforced in the country. Until then, there is no need to force it upon the people, who do not really like to follow Sharia. Most people are Muslims for the name only. They may be peaceful people but will not love to live under the Sharia laws. Rest of them are terrorists, killing innocent people, they know nothing about Islam.

  67. Ghulam Sarwar

    July 30, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    Edwin has asked some questions. I may give some reply to Edwin.

    Q1. Why Humans die? not even a single human survived except 2 prophets, and the Son of God, Jesus(Isa)

    Answer: If you are thinking of a verse that death came through original sin, you are wrong. Because there were many men and women on earth before Adam and Eve. They were living and dying. There was no original sin before Adam. So why they were dying?
    We need to understand the meaning of death which church does not explain. It is not physical death. It can mean spiritual death. Then all is well understood. Spiritual death can be due to sinful life.
    Edwin what do you understand from death please?
    No human survived physical death. All died. It is mentioned in the Quran:
    [Every soul shall taste of death] 3:185/186.
    No messenger or old time prophet is living now. All have passed away peacefully, even Jesus Christ has passed away at the good age of 120 years, amongst the lost sheep of Israel.
    Imagine, if there was no death, there will be no enjoyable life on earth. It is a good and important part of the divine plan for all life on earth.
    Q2. Why every human suffer from one or other kind of dieses or problems.
    Answer: That is a matter for the doctors to explain. If question is about suffering then please know that suffering is the other side of the coin. Without suffering the happiness will have no charm or value. Without suffering people will not enjoy or love happiness.
    Q3. Why in almost every Muslim countries, there is violence and atrocities against civilians.
    Answer: That is because some ignorant Muslims are leading them into wrong understanding of Islam and the western (Christians) are supporting that wrong understanding. It would be better for the church to look into the Islamic teaching as being explained at various levels. We Ahmadi Muslims read the Bible and try to understand the good side of it (We take real good sensible meaning of Bible verses). The church people do not give any credit to prophet Muhammad. They always try to find fault with him.
    There is much disparity and dishonesty which is harming the majority Muslims from within and without.
    4. I do have many questions, first lets us sort it off the above.
    Answer: Thank you for asking. I hope you got the answers. Welcome for other questions. If I have given a wrong or bad answer, I hope some other Muslim friend here will try to give improved answers to Edwin. Wassalam.

  68. midhat fatima

    September 11, 2014 at 5:12 am

    may Allah Bless pakistan
    every one of you who commented on this status you all are right on your places even i didnt read all the comments but of the first one Anisa and some others actually i am saying that you are right but the thing is that why all this crimes are coming very fastly in Pakistan and non is stop able why because of three things 1.jhut 2.dhoka 3.zulm
    thees three things are the base of all crimes If any one of you LOVE PAKISTAN so please try to think even if every one would be a great Namazi still nothing would happen
    at last i would like to proudly say that some day this country will reach the top

  69. Ghulam Sarwar

    September 11, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    For Edwin 28 July post, it is suggested that Edwin may please read the book “Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth” from alislam.org
    There is a chapter on suffering in that book.

  70. Lucas Zhou

    October 15, 2014 at 3:34 am

    This article makes me sad!

    I am Chinese. I promise to all Pakistanis that I NEVER hear a Chinese guy say they HATE Pakistanis, NEVER!

    I will take responsibility for my following words:
    1. All Chinese social media provide positive news about Pakistanis and tell us how Pakistanis helped China when we were in a bad situation or disaster! We know how friendly Pakistanis are to Chinese people and we believe Pakistanis will provide whatever they have to support China.
    2. On the other side, Chinese people call Pakistanis “Iron Brother” which means the brotherhood is as strong as iron.

    So Do You Still Believe Chinese People Would Ever Hate Pakistan???

    Look, If I cannot represent all Chinese, I promise, I will never hurt a Pakistan during my entire life!

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