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Myanmar anti-Muslim riots. Background information and an appeal by an Ahmadi-Muslim brother from Myanmar.

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Dear brothers and sisters,

First of all, as per my own personnel experience, I would like to mention that most of the Buddhists dislike us, the Muslims, who are south-asian descendants. Some simply hate us. But I would like to use the word, ‘Some’. Not all. Some think we, the south-asian descendants came into Myanmar along with the British troops invaded Myanmar in around 1824 onwards. I am not that expert in history but I can confirm that their judgement is only partially right. Why partially? Most of the Muslims in Myanmar resides here since the first Burmese Empire 1055 AD. But some have resided here around second world war. For that case, the reason is very simple. British ruled India and Myanmar under the category of only ‘One Country’.

Why Rohingya problem now ? It is more suitable to ask Why now? They are in Myanmar for several generations already. Did the government of Myanmar do anything legally for them? Did the government of Myanmar speak out about them internationally? Yes, but not that strong enough. The government officials took bribes from Rohigyas and gave them the Citizenships. Now, government and the Buddhist people are crying loudly against them. What a pity of them? The Buddhists simply hate Muslims and they lost their analysis skill while they judge Rohingyas and Muslims in Myanmar.

That’s the behind scene.

Why Riots? In the last week of May 2012, three Rohingyas allegedly raped and murder a Buddhist girl, aged 26. Police responded quickly. They arrested the suspected three men and put in the prison before trial. The reason is that the police were worried about the others concern with that case are going to demonstrate or rioting. Their guess was right. The incident happened. The Buddhist Rakhine ethnic group gathered together at the police station and urged angrily to give them those three suspected for rape and murder case.

In response, the Buddhists killed the innocent Muslims pilgrims, 11 in total, while they were travelling back from Rakhine State to Yangon. Those Muslims are not Rohingyas. Why I use the word ‘Pilgrim’ is they were there, in Rakhine, for the purpose of ‘chilla’, which is mostly done by some Tabligh Jamaat.

After two or three days later, the sectarian crashes have started. Arson and killing are very common in that state.

Comments circulated around the internet are as shocking as the massacre. That’s also my own experience. “Killing Kalars is good!”, one commented.

Kalar, of course, Kalar, is the pejorative slur and derogatory term used by Buddhists whenever they refer to Muslims in Myanmar since century ago. I would like to draw your attention to this article.

You can find in that article the comments of the Buddhists on social media. They use the words, which are totally abusive sexually and morally. If I translate those words for you, here I am very honest with you brother, you will definitely utter so loud, ‘Is it up to that level’ and you have never ever heard of it.

This under mentioned is the email content I share with some other.

The nytimes article which not only hit Myanmar leading media, Eleven Media group but makes them annoying too and Eleven have responded in this link. They still refuse to take responsibility for their readers’ comments on their own website and on facebook page but they are turning to be a bit softer after appearing of nytimes article and Aljazera’s superb article. That’s what I have noticed during these two days.

And that Eleven Media keeps pressuring on International media and Aung San Su Kyi to speak out against Rohingyas as the world media is mentioning that those Rohingya have been in Myanmar for many generations.

Why Su Kyi is silent ? I’d like to refer this and it reveals Su Kyi’s difficulties by quoting the fact, “Suu Kyi is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t,” Which seems to be suitable info for the one searching for the reason behind Myanmar crisis.

But personally, my true concern is Buddhists’ mind set and racism. I am neutral in Rohigya case except for wiping them out apparently in genocidal way. They, the Buddhists (not all) use the words against Islam and Muslim which are terrible and worthless to mention. I’d like to request your attention to this link which is little bit long but worth to read. According to my personnel experience, the Buddhists are not stranger for those kind of words and racist activities against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (sa). There are more than 5 to 10 blogs which propagates their real attitude by using such kind of extremely abusive words towards Islam and its Prophet since more than 5 years ago.

The deceivers behind those blogs are mostly residing in Russia where they are pursuing their military degrees. They are purely army men.

Just now, I have received a recommendation from one of my friends to read this but I have not read it yet.

For opposite info, I can refer to this Eleven media group link. I can’t say that they are 100% wrong. They may be 100% right but they are one-sided media and neglect the abusive and racist words.

Now, I need to tell you what you want to know.

Firstly I need to share this – “But there are a lot of rumors made by Buddhists by distributing pamphlets which has some fake warning that the Muslims always gather at the mosques for the purpose of hatred and this Friday (15/06/2012), they, the Muslims will start violence against Buddhists in former capital, Rangoon which is now totally peaceful. (In Rangoon, there are not less than 500 Ahmadi Muslims.)

But actually, it is absolutely a fake one as far as I know. According to Aung San Su Kyi, a noble laureate, there must be a certain reason behind controlled by a person or a group of person but she cannot identify yet.”

Yes, there are a lot of Muslim organizations in Myanmar. What do they do now? They can only do some statements to prevent Muslims not to participate in any demonstration and to live as a loyal and peaceful citizen. That’s what I have notice.

Muslims countries and international Muslims Organisations are yet to support so far. Again, I would like to mention is “Myanmar is a racist country.” I am very concern with it. For Rohingya case, as an Ahmadi Muslim and a loyal citizen of Myanmar, I feel deeply sympathy for them and also feel a deep sympathy for Rakhine ethnic groups as they have been also attacked by Rohingyas.

Just now I saw this article from Saudi Arab.

P.S – I share all of this as I would like to request all the Ahmadi Muslims to speak out about Muslims in Myanmar whenever they have chance. Nothing more than that, brother. You can use this email for distribution purpose but please do not disclose my name. :)

JazakAllah for understanding brothers …

Links to articles quoted above:








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18 Responses to Myanmar anti-Muslim riots. Background information and an appeal by an Ahmadi-Muslim brother from Myanmar.

  1. Rafiq A. Tschannen

    June 14, 2012 at 10:12 am

    If Saudi Arabia and Qatar, instead of spending their Petro-Dollars on arming insurgents in various conflicts (Libya before, now Syria) would spend only a fraction of their cash (and diplomatic efforts) on such humanitarian efforts like helping the Muslims of Burma a lot could be done. Is it really so much easier buying arms and causing death than assisting unarmed civilians? (brothers/sisters-in-Islam on top of it)?

  2. Maqsood

    June 15, 2012 at 4:26 am

    Thanks to Mr. Rafiq and thanks to TMT. Its for the first time that I have got a reliable and direct information about Myanmar Muslims.Its beyond doubt that solutions for Muslims, wherever they are, only under the leadership of Khilafat. Virtually petro dollars are doing nothing but pushing Muslims towards a dead end. They fuel the fire in the name of jihad, while messenger of God has told more than 100 years ago that Muslim survival and revival is possible only through peaceful means. I believe that peaceful means should be used very actively and regularly.

  3. MAN

    June 15, 2012 at 9:44 am

    Thanks for this informative article.

  4. Rafiq A. Tschannen

    June 16, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    We are indeed most grateful to our brother from Myanmar for this background information.

    Equally we would be grateful if other brothers from other countries would give us similar historical background information of their countries (even if not in crises!). Especially we feel that Africa is still ‘under-represented’ in The Muslim Times!

  5. Myanmar Muslim

    June 22, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    It’s not the problem about Relgion.

    Myanmar Buddhists don’t hate Islam.

    Islam had been practiced by Millions of Muslims since 1000 AD like the Author said.

    But Rohingya is different issue.
    1.Rohingyas are not Myanmar Ethnic, not because they are Muslims, but because they are not Myanmar Ethnic.
    2 Rohingyas participate in Drug, Crimes and they are linked to Al’Qaeda Terrorist Organization.
    3 Even the same Muslims country Bangladesh doesn’t want to accept Rohingyas as Refugees. WHY? They are problem makers.

    4 So do you want to blame Myanmar Buddhist or Bangladesh Muslims for these Rohingya Problem?

    You all are welcome to save these poor Rohingya 2 Million. Why not give food and shelters in Saudi or Dubai or Iran?

    Rohingyas don’t concerned with Myanmar Muslims.

    Myanmar Muslims also declared that Rohingyas are Problems for Myanmar.

  6. NA Burma

    June 22, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    @Myanmar Muslim

    Peace be with you.

    1st point, although you’ve given your web site as
    http://www.myanmarmuslims.net/, actually it is not working.
    The correct one is http://www.myanmarmuslim.net/news.php.

    Unfortunately, I did not see anything you quoted from
    your web site, dude. I know why you don’t want to quote
    as myanmarmuslim.net speaks against your desire.
    It’s content is absolutely differs from what you have written here.

    You mention that the Buddhists do not hate Muslims
    in Myanmar. Yes, I agree with you in certain degree.

    But the sites you mentioned, myanmar version of
    arakantimes.net and wontharnu.com, speak against Islam very often.

    I can prove you dude.

    I’m so sorry to ask you, Why?

    2nd point, Myanmar Muslims never ever quote from those sites
    you mentioned.

    3rd point, I am quite neutral in Rohingya case. Whatever, whoever
    they are. But I can’t show hatred towards them and
    towards you. Truth is Truth.

    4th point, wontharnu.com is not Myanmar Muslims site.

    5th point, you must admit what the anti-Muslims have been doing
    on internet. Are they distributing hatred towards Muslims
    or are they not ?

    I know your answer dude. So, let me point out an expert’s answer.

    In that article, the author referred to a link – http://asiapacific.anu.edu.au/newmandala/2012/06/10/intolerance-islam-and-the-internet-in-burma-today/

    asiapacific.anu.edu.au is run by this fellow – http://asiapacific.anu.edu.au/people/personal/farrn_psc.php

    His name is Dr. Nicholas Farrelly, an expert in south-east asian matters.

    Do you know how did he commented ?

    “With that in mind this AFP report is likely to prove relevant.
    It provides some sense of how outside observers conceive
    of the online rhetoric associated with western Burma’s political conflict.”
    (Comment Number 84)

    So, What does AFP report say?

    Here it is.

    “Violent rhetoric and rumour have proliferated online, with comments such as “Kill Kalars”, a derogatory term used for those regarded as outsiders — in this context, Muslims — appearing on web comment boards.

    One Facebook page called the “Kalar beheading gang”, which has more than 500 “likes”, has an illustration of a grim reaper with an Islamic symbol on its robe on a blood-spattered background, and explicit images purporting to be of victims of the unrest.

    The Norway-based exile news website Democratic Voice of Burma reported on Tuesday that its English and Burmese sites had been attacked by a hacker group called Blink, thought to have originated from Singapore and Russia.

    “In order to cleanse our religious land, sometimes we have to bloody our hands,” read a message on Blink’s website, according to the DVB, which said it “can be translated as a threat aimed at the area’s Muslim minority”.

    Similar language has been used by those supporting the Rohingya, with one widely distributed email seen by AFP accusing “Buddhist fanatics” of atrocities.

    “On both sides of the conflict there are those who could benefit from precipitating clashes,” said Farrelly.

    He said some Buddhist hardliners could be seeking to “purge” the Rohingya from Myanmar, with some on the Rohingya side possibly keen to draw greater attention to their situation in Myanmar.”

    I am so sorry dude. Please judge it accordingly. You can deny the fact.

    Peace be with you.

  7. Rafiq A. Tschannen

    June 23, 2012 at 1:24 am

    As with most communities there will be some good and some bad people within the Rohingya. The present troubles seemed to have started with rape and murder. Well, this is of course to be condemned and the culprits to be brought to justice. But the innocent majority should not be blamed. Is there a Al-Qaeeda sympathiser among the Rohingyas? Possibly. But do we condemn all of Saudi Arabia because Usama bin Laden was the leader of Al Qaeeda and a Saudi? No. (To protect the US military basis in Saudi Arabia the US Army even gave a contract to The Bin Laden Group to construct a higher wall around the base – to the brother of Usama…). Such is life…

  8. Unbias

    June 23, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    NA Burma

    Don’t be childish dude? Is there any mass genocide in Burma ? NO.

    These kids, they are just shouting and fighting via internet.
    They did not mean/know what they were talking.

    You could easily said that ” I am going to behead you” , but it dosen’t mean you really would do that.

    They are just teeaged internet gamers who posted their emotional non-sense. And then forget about everything.

    Why do you want to use that fact as serious genocide? :)

    You live in Burma, so you absolutely know that there are hundreds of Mosque in Burma and Million of Myanmar Muslims are practising Islam freely.

    Why do you want to make small problems to expand like Hitlar’s Genocide?

    Trying to draw world Muslims’ sympathy or attiention?

    Rohingyas are not Myanmar Muslims, you already know that.

    Unless you are pro-rohingyas who got money from Bengali Organization, you would clearly stand on the gound of Myanmar
    You know what Myanmar Muslims stand for? Myanmar Muslims stand for their Myanmar country, Just like Malaysia Muslims stand for Malaysia.

    These online Non-Sense comments !!!, They are just crazy non-sesne words from stupid kids.

    They are teenage Dudes, just crying ” I’m gonna kill you ” :)

    Are you serious ? Just Grow Up man!

  9. Muhammad Azimul Haque

    June 24, 2012 at 2:21 am

    @Myanmar Muslim and Unbias:
    We listened to all you said and thank you for your comments, but next time if anyone of you have to post anything here. Please post a solution for this problem too. Well that should exclude ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas. Unfortunately NONE of you seem to present any solution for Rohingyas. We are not interested in this never ending blame game nonsense. Thanks for your understanding.
    Secondly, let me use your logic. There are Myanmar Buddhist refugees who live in India, Malaysia and other countries. They are not Indian/Malaysian by Appearance/Race but still accommodated here. Some have become quite successful in their personal and professional lives and have risen high. Should India/Malaysia or other countries retaliate in similar manner and ask them to leave? I guess NO. Set correct example for others first.
    Numbers speak for itself, when we look at predominantly one sided loss of life in the violene. Involvement of armed gangs, Police and Armed forces in man slaughter is evident from this. And as regards their involvement in crime etc. Answer us: If a population group is devoid of any citizenship, right to education, jobs and social equality. What option will they be left with? Hinduism created such a whole class of people called “Shudras”. Prophet Buddha(peace be upon him) came to abolish such evils from human society. Unfortunately the state of Myanmar has lost this teaching of Buddha. How Sad!

    Readers, Also read: Myanmar Muslims issue statement against both Taliban terrorist attack threat and Rohingya Anti-Muslim violence.


  10. Anisa

    July 20, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    I did not know much about Burma. Until just recently I saw some news one after the other on internet about the atrocities on Burmese Muslims. They are un-seeable and unimaginable. At first I thought it to be a propaganda or photo shop just to spread unrest. But later on I had to change my view. It is true. The merciless mass murder of innocent humans is unbelievable. And it seems no one is interested to save them. No one. Not even the Muslims are saying anything, they are equally are deaf and dumb. The world media too seems un- interested. And the killings of Muslim and their children women, elders in Burma continues.
    After seeing those pictures one cannot even swallow a morsel of food. It is so sad. I wish I could paste the picture of brutality in Burma here but it is too graphic.Where is the world? Why can’t anyone speak out? Are these killings being done by ghosts? Are the killer’s supernatural beings? Can’t anyone do anything to save these lives? Is there no organization in the world that has the agenda to stop inhuman killings? Are these people not human? It is so heart aching situation.
    After all what have these Muslims done to have raised so much hatred. To me they are looking helpless. Some one posted a picture with three msuslims tied in ropes and are being drilled into the bones among a mob of media. All of them spectators.
    All this is inhuman. We must condemn this. It is so grieving and heart trembling a situation. I wish I could paste here the picture of brutality in Burma but it is too graphic . They are un armed poor helpless individuals.
    If nobody did anything God will not foregive us for this ignorance. It can happen anywhere. No people should react in this manner to anyone. Regardless of their race color of creed. We should learn tolerance and humanity. Sympathy and mercy. We are human, the best of creation. A human cannot see an animal dying miserably. These are living human beings. Children, infants, youths, women, elders. All civilians.

    May Allah have a quick mercy on them Amen. May Ramadhan bring them peace and safety.Amen May Allah draw near to them as soon as possible. They ARE INNOCENT HUMEN NOT EVEN THE WORST CRIMINALS ARE TREATED IN THIS MANNERS.
    I also request to good Budhist people to speak against it. And help those in Danger. God will help you. Show dignity of your character that your religion teaches you. Mahatama Budh’s teaching is anything but violent.
    Have regards for your self and your religion. Stop this in the name of Super Being that you believe in.

  11. Anisa

    July 20, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    I have seen and checked most of the links provided here. I feel( it could be wrong) there is some purpose behind all this. A secret hand that wants to create trouble in Burma and take benefit.
    It is not by chance. it is seems and organized scheme.
    Whatever maybe, the three culprits that became the reason of this out break should be given the punishment that they deserve.
    As for Rohingya people, it looks like they are considered a labour class in the area. The government should give them equal chances of seeking education to remove the tabu of illiterates and given the due rights of a citizens.Oppression always results in turmoil.
    No human is superior or inferior by birth. Beneath the skin we are all same.
    If they have started the riots, it shows they are ignorant of their position and the consequences. Beside not all maybe so. many of them may have been sensible and rational.
    However even if it is equally bad from both sides it must be stopped.After all they are all fellow country men.
    If they love their country they should know this will only destroy the peace economy and image of their own home land.
    And if they have decided to eliminate the minority because they are in power, they should fear God.No one has such right against any race of people.
    The posts have given the impression that Rohingyas or Bengalies are illiterates that is why the are dangerous. What about the other” literate” part of people that are committing heinous atrocities against them? Are they showing their gentlemeness?
    Both parties equally need to take heed.

  12. NA Burma

    July 29, 2012 at 11:04 pm


    Yes, you are right. The links provided here might be wrong. And also your guess about the behind purpose of this unrest is absolutely right. But what is the real problem now ? The majority Buddhists do not know about it at all even though you can make an educated guess.

    Let me share with you other info – http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/burmas-monks-call-for-muslim-community-to-be-shunned-7973317.html

    The thing is we, as the Myanmar citizens, even do not know how to differentiate which is true news and which is not. Because government does not allow international observers. What a government we have. :(

  13. Zubair Khan

    August 1, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Instead of jumping to conclusion better to wait. Even here in Germany things are being watched carefully. Very soon facts will come out.

  14. mohammad rizwan khan

    August 17, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    salaam walekum and i fear with allah and fully believes of my allah i see all of your comments and i liked but i asked only one qs.if burmaede police catch the 3person and killef them withot any session then why disturbed other muslims we know that in islam womens prestige is first and the 3persons also we cant say muslims becoz they demolished the islamiyat. but i askd why did we are not ahumans in india and totally world very few muslims were doing erong works but blamed all the muslims i m just24 but i see humanity is not in world what i gave a lessiom for my new generation after all i thanks to all and pray for magfirat to all burmas muslims suffered for this condition and i m not a powerful if i powerful then i go burma for peace not a fight because allah create a univese and nobodies permitted to destroyed .but some and few person of two community does not want to peace bcoz of ownpersonally benefit but those thinkings persons are stupidfellow they cany know allah is a supernatural power and lastly i said that plz help him they are muslims and also humans cant hatred him allah hafiz and sorry if i hurted u .

  15. rajiv khan

    August 30, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    aslamu aleikum
    Mere payare muslim bhai aaj humare uper julum horahe aasam ki taraf dekho kus jungali bodo 5 /10 lakh musalman ki uper humla horahe burma ki taraf dekho kus badsurat kamine buddist musalman ko jalarahe hum andaj laga saktahe bodo ka kitana population aur buddisy ka kitana jada he humra musalman is duniyame sabse jada population he bodo ka kitana gao hoga 5/6 jadase jada 10 hoga hum ak rat me jala saktahe kiyung humlog humla nahi krata kusto socho allah ki liye humara rasool ne jihad humlog ki uper fraz kiya he hum munakat ki maut nahi marna he…

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  17. UKPension

    March 6, 2013 at 4:39 pm

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    an appeal by an Ahmadi-Muslim brother from Myanmar. | The Muslim Times.

    It is really one of the most useful that I

  18. QNUPS

    March 9, 2013 at 1:07 pm

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    Enjoyable to read through and full of very useful details.

    Many thanks for sharing Myanmar anti-Muslim riots.
    Background information and an appeal by an Ahmadi-Muslim brother from Myanmar.
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